When Your Brain Takes Over

I woke up at 5am to go to the gym and it just didn’t happen :-( I thought, Well I have Sat and Sun to go to the gym and that will make it 4x this week. But, once i woke up I was kinda disappointed in myself. I need to get my motivation back and my mind focused.  Check out my feelings about it below.


Yummy Breakfast Sandwich from Subway!

So I started a new weight
routine, pretty much same exercises but focuing on 2-3 body part 3x
a week.

The breakdown will be as

Day1: Chest
Back Abdominals Day 2: Cardio Day 3: Quads Hamstrings Calves Day 4:
Cardio Day 5: Shoulders Biceps Triceps Day 6: Cardio Day 7:

I was getting
board so I needed to change it up a bit. Plus, I will be able
to focus more on each body part.

Morning work out Below:

Just so people can get an
idea, this is how I stay on top of having a healthy lifestyle,
being well stocked with snacks and other goodies. This is my snack
drawer at work, which needs to be re filled with some

photo 1.JPG

I guess I am going
backwards but this is my fabulous lunch. Homemade chicken noodle
soup from the mommy and a spinach salad, with a side of Special K

photo 2.JPG

Breakfast was
delicioso! I had one of those new Subway Breakfast sandwiches and
they were so yummy! I mean, I could have made it at home and
probably made it better, but it hit the spot after that early

photo 2.JPG

A yummy snack to curb
the appetite before lunch, a couple pictures above :)


Cant wait for

What kind of snacks do you usually have
stashed when at work?


Oh dear! This is how I can express my day today, “Oh dear”. The day was going smoothly, life was good, I finished my work for the day, BUT then an attack came. A candy attack!  I was getting really stressed about one of my MBA classes today so I went straight to the candy! I had about 10 pieces of candy and I felt horrible. I was sad that i fell to the temptation and I felt bad because I had a tummy ache. When I cheat I CHEAT! Then when I got to school I had 2 cups of rice 2 pieces of bread and a carrot cake. I didnt stop, I just kept going. My mind stopped and I just continued to eat. What’s a girl to do?!  BUT I know tomorrow is a new day and I get to start over again. That is what’s great about life, every day is a new day and you just have to pick yourself back up. You never want to ruin all that you work hard for, for one bad day. It is easier said then done but you have to continuously talk to yourself and self motivate. How do you make up for a bad day?

November Readings….

Ohh…how I love Magazine time. Magazines are the inspiration I need to give me that little push every month when I start to go into a slump. There are great articles, new routines, nutrition tips, and inspiring stories to get you back on track. I get a variety of them some, which many times tend to say the same thing. However, each magazine has its own charm and thats why I buy them.

What’s your favorite Health Magazine?