What happened to LeAnn Rimes!

The first time I saw Lee Ann Rimes on the cover of Shape magazine I was impressed. She had gotten more toned and she loss alot of the baby fat she had when she was a teenager. Then the second issue of Shape came out and I was like “Go LeAnn!” your killing it. She was on the cover of Fitness, but I wasn’t to fond of the ad, she looked pasty and had a boyish figure. In my opinion she looked great and all she needed to do was maintain her weight and stay healthy.

Then I saw this picture!

I was floored. I did not know what to think. You only see her legs, but that is enough. All I could think of was it the stress of the past few years or was it the influence of her new man. This is not what healthy looks like this is what obsession of the gym, possibly starvation, looks like. I am definitely not hating on her, I like the girl. I just hope she figures things out and finds peace in her life, that is if she hasn’t found it already.

<3 Nowel

November Readings….

Ohh…how I love Magazine time. Magazines are the inspiration I need to give me that little push every month when I start to go into a slump. There are great articles, new routines, nutrition tips, and inspiring stories to get you back on track. I get a variety of them some, which many times tend to say the same thing. However, each magazine has its own charm and thats why I buy them.

What’s your favorite Health Magazine?

Update… Boot camp routine

The week is coming to an end and I am killing it. this is the routine I did on Wednesday and I will have a week ending report of my successes!



Stairmaster 30 min
Date 10/28/10
Date Exercise Set Reps
27-Oct-10 drag curl 3 12
27-Oct-10 bench dip 3 12
27-Oct-10 machine leg curl 3 1  


27-Oct-10 bosu crunch 3 12
27-Oct-10 good morning 3 12
27-Oct-10 bosu side bridge 3 12
27-Oct-10 assisted dumbbell lunge 3 12
27-Oct-10 dumbbell front squat 3 12
27-Oct-10 overhead triceps extension 3 12
27-Oct-10 zottman curl 3 12

I cant wait until this Saturday, I am trying out a new routine I saw in Fitness RX and it supposed to be a rough one. It is interval training done with giant sets, that cant be fun :-/

Power song of the Day!

In celebration of Halloween!!!! Pics coming soon!


Extra…Extra…My Fitness Mags are HERE!

There are a certain times in the month when I get super excited and those times are the third week of the month when all my bills are paid and when I get my fitness/health magazines….Yes!!!!!!!! My fitness magazines are what give me the extra boost to keep things going during my health journey. I first look at the cover and think to myself  ”I can look like that, no problem”. I then start to flip through the pages and pick out things I find       interesting or relevant to what I am trying to accomplish. The funny thing is everything starts to sound the same, you come to find out these experts all say the same thing but in different ways.

Now my two favs are Shape Magazine and Womens Health Magazine. Both of these magazine are great because they have a wealth of knowledge that anyone can use in their daily routine . They also have a good balance of food tips, fitness tips, and girlie tips (hair, makeup, and guy advice) all in one.

I try to keep these magazines laying all over the house because the days I feel like  ”screw the gym I’m having a cupcake” I can take a look at these magazines and say “damn I should go to the gym THEN have a cupcake “.

Here are some cool tips I picked up from the July issue of Womens Health Magazine.

Just an FYI:

1. Food Label are evil: Food labels can trick consumers into thinking they are dringking for one person when they are actually drinking a serving for three. One of  my favorites, Arizona Iced Tea has a serving size of 8 ounces, meaning that lovely can that you buy at the gas station that you savor for yourself is actually meant for three people…. thats just mean!

2.There are healthy alternatives at the drive through, this is a tip that many people do not want to believe because if you are at a Burger King what makes you think your actually going to choose the veggie burger over the whopper, just don’t go to freaking Burger King. But I know time is not always on our side so opt for the veggie burger people your stomach will thank you later.

3. Eggs build muscle and enhance weight loss

4.There are more than 1200 variteies of watermelons around the world, crazy!

5. If you are soar from an intense workout the day before DO NOT think just because your in pain you shouldn’t go, you better get your ass up and go to the gym. As long as your not exercising the muscles you worked out the day before your all good. Remember to develop muscle you have to let them rest but that doesn’t mean you cant go to the gym and work out another body part.

Time to hit the sack and play some tennis tomorrow and hopefully get my but into the gear for the coming week.

PowerSong of the night

Michael Jackson’s The Way You Make Me Feel

The lady in this video has a wicked body….she has to be a dancer or a gymnist her soldiers are ridiculous!