Fun Food with a little bit of Fashion

We decided to do a drive by of the Taste of Reston instead of spending the whole day there, since we just had lunch and were EXHAUSTED from our Saturday run.

Drive by outfit: Multi-colored purple camouflage  blouse with metallic belt and white shorts

Paella…Memories of Miami

Can’t beat chocolate covered strawberries

How are the French so skinny with all these yummy pastries


We were visiting Dino’s boss that night, so we decided to stop by Red Velvet Cupcakery and picked up some yummy cupcakes


Finale… From what I remember, the cupcake flavors we got were, lemon lime, devils foodcake, cookies and cream, red velvet, vanilla beancarrot cake, almond bday and a strawberry shorcake

Dinner outfit: Turquoise blouse with a little accessory fun, nothing fancy

Bedazzled bracelet for a pop of color

Camel clutch handbag with gold belt

Ready for a Saturday night BBQ!!!

Pre-Weekend Workout

Before the weekend I try to up my workout intensity, because I know when the weekend comes along, so does all the restaurant hopping. I decided to combine my weight training day with a circuit training routine to kick my butt in gear.

Today’s  pre-weekend workout

Back and Biceps

Circuit Training

Today’s workout lasted 26:00 minutes and consisted of:

Warmup – 3 min./ Knee Sprints – 30 sec. / Plank – 30 sec. / Right Sided Plank – 30 sec. / Butt Kicks – 30 sec. / Criss Cross Jumping Jacks – 30 sec. / Flutter Kicks – 30 sec. / Plank in and out – 30 sec. / Compass Jumps – 30 sec. / Jumping Jacks – 30 sec. / Jump Rope Criss Cross – 30 sec. / Left Sided Plank – 30 sec. / Cross Punches – 30 sec. / Mountain Climbers – 30 sec. / Supermans – 30 sec. / Burpees – 30 sec. / Reverse Abdominal Crunches – 30 sec. / High Knees – 30 sec. / Plank Jumping Jacks – 30 sec. / Spotty Dog – 30 sec. / Lunges – 30 sec. / Ice Skater – 30 sec. / Windshield Wiper – 30 sec. / Bridge – 30 sec. / Knee Sprints – 30 sec. / Right Sided Plank – 30 sec. / Criss Cross Jumping Jacks – 30 sec. / Plank in and out – 30 sec. / Cross Punches – 30 sec. / Supermans – 30 sec. / Plank – 30 sec. / Compass Jumps – 30 sec. / Left Sided Plank – 30 sec. / Spotty Dog – 30 sec. / Flutter Kicks – 30 sec. / Right Sided Plank – 30 sec. / High Knees – 30 sec. / Plank Jumping Jacks – 30 sec. / Windshield Wiper – 30 sec. / Reverse Abdominal Crunches – 30 sec. / Criss Cross Jumping Jacks – 30 sec. / Cooldown – 3 min.

Nothing like a pre-weekend workout to get your juices flowing!

Let’s see what the weekend brings!!!!

Saturday Fun in Reston Town Center

Recently, my husband and I  relocated to Reston, Virginia for his job. At the moment we are staying in temporary housing in Reston Town Center, which is like another mini city in Reston. The great thing about the Reston Town center is all the fun things you can do in such a small area.  This past Saturday we went to dinner at Clydes, while listening to a Jazz Funk infused concert, only inches away. We also stopped by Teavana and my husband an unexpected buy, he bought a glass tea kettle and glass tea infuser with three bags of tea, GRAND TOTAL $99, total impulse buy.

Journey to Virginia

Here are a few pics from my travels from Miami,FL to Reston, VA. It was an exhausting trip, but lots of fun. Enjoy!


Panted 15 out of the 17 hours up to VA

Heading into Savannah

Regards from Savannah GA

Historic Savannah

I fell in love with these trees, they looked so angelic

Me and the trees :-D

On our way to get some seafood, while being eaten alive by the bugs

Fresh baked biscuits with orange marmalade and butter

Jumbo shrimp with blueberry vanilla BBQ sauce

Scallions in a garlic butter sauce with crab meat risotta AMAZZZZZIIIINNNNGGGG!

Organic chicken with sweet potato fritters

Pecan cup with vanilla ice cream and mixed berries

Day 2: Plato making his last attempt to mark his territory in Savannah

Finally arrived in Reston, VA and made our way to the Tap Room

How cool is this, their menus light up

Jerk Chicken spring roles








Mango Madness

I LOVE my house, well it’s not really my house it’s my Moms house and the house I grew up in. I live 10 minutes away with my husband, but it will always be my first home. My favorite part of my house it my patio and backyard. I live in Miami and I do not get to live by the beach, so what the next best thing…my lake!

My Mom always takes really good care of our house so our patio ALWAYS looks clean and put together, I know… it looks like a picture from a magazine. I always loved our backyard because it was a place where anyone could come and just relax, get away and contemplate life.

My Dad built our dock in THREE days, YES, only three days! He was amazing with his hands.

BUT my FAVORITE part of our back yard is our mango tree. This tree has come a LONG way. When we got it it was my height  (5″7″). Now it is a monster bearing fruit for our family.

It is so exciting because this year we hit the jackpot with mangoes. We have enough mangoes for the whole neighborhood!

Look at those BIG JUICY MEATY mangoes. I cannot wait until they ripe, perfect with a smoothie.


So whats the big deal about mangoes. Here are some nutritional tid bits about mangoes and their amazingness from Wikipedia!

Mango is rich in a variety of phytochemicals[17] and nutrients. The fruit pulp is high in prebiotic dietary fibervitamin C, diverse polyphenols and provitamin Acarotenoids.[18]

Mango contains essential vitamins and dietary minerals.

Mango peel contains pigments that may have antioxidant properties,[17][19] including carotenoids, such as the provitamin A compound, beta-caroteneluteinand alpha-carotene,[20] polyphenols[21][22] such as quercetinkaempferolgallic acidcaffeic acidcatechinstannins, and the unique mango xanthonoid,mangiferin,[23] any of which may counteract free radicals in various disease processes as revealed in preliminary research.[24][25] Phytochemical and nutrient content appears to vary across mango species.[26]

The mango triterpenelupeol,[29] is an effective inhibitor in laboratory models of prostate and skin cancers.[30][31][32

Besides all that good healthy fun stuff, mangoes are just so darn good!