From sugar, to artificial sweetener, to natural sweetener, the end!

After many years of using Splenda, I finally stopped the obcession. I used to put Splenda in everything coffee, tea, greek yogurt, sweet potato, just to name a few. After reading many articles on the dangers of Splenda and Aspartame and started to adapt a clean eating lifestyle thats when I new it was time for a change. I did’t realize how much food and beverages I was eating that contained Splenda, lemonade, diet coke and low fat anything! Here are some of the changes I made

Truvia for Splenda

True Lemon for Crystal Light

STOPPED drinking Diet Coke, that was a hard one!

These little changes tapered my cravings for sweets and I was less bloated during the day, yay!

Fun Food with a little bit of Fashion

We decided to do a drive by of the Taste of Reston instead of spending the whole day there, since we just had lunch and were EXHAUSTED from our Saturday run.

Drive by outfit: Multi-colored purple camouflage  blouse with metallic belt and white shorts

Paella…Memories of Miami

Can’t beat chocolate covered strawberries

How are the French so skinny with all these yummy pastries


We were visiting Dino’s boss that night, so we decided to stop by Red Velvet Cupcakery and picked up some yummy cupcakes


Finale… From what I remember, the cupcake flavors we got were, lemon lime, devils foodcake, cookies and cream, red velvet, vanilla beancarrot cake, almond bday and a strawberry shorcake

Dinner outfit: Turquoise blouse with a little accessory fun, nothing fancy

Bedazzled bracelet for a pop of color

Camel clutch handbag with gold belt

Ready for a Saturday night BBQ!!!

Saturday Run with Bubba

Since Dino and I don’t get to work out together during the week, I am trying to start a Saturday ritual where we go running through the trails together, then stop by an Einstein Bagel or a smoothie joint for breakfast. So far we’ve done it two Saturdays in a row, SCORE!

Bubba’s game face and bright yellow shirt, can you tell we’re from Miami

Game face #1

Game face #2 (The same as #1) Plato is ready too!

Plato’s pre-run pee

Plato leading the pack

Still got the game face on

Im not sure what this building is, but I know it is known for its beautiful gardens, and the flowers match my outfit!

No more game face

Breakfast Smoothie


We had a quick smoothie since we were going to eat lunch in a couple of hours. The run was great and it was a great start to our day.

Do you have a Saturday morning ritual?


Friday Night Fun

I <3 Fridays! Fridays are the start of the weekend and usually date night with Bubba. We decided to hit the American Tap Room again, since we wanted something fast and tasty, with a  fun atmosphere.

Friday Night Outfit

The Necklace

The Ring

The Husband

As we were walking to the Tap Room we were able to get a sneak peak of the Taste of Reston event. We were starving, so we did not have time to check out any booths.

After we left the Tap Room, the Taste of Reston was still going on. We decided to stop by Pollo Peru’s tent and have a taste of their roasted chicken. My husband had gone to their restaurant a couple days before and raved on how amazing their food was. The chicken was  a definite success!

Plato liked it too!


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The Taste of Reston Experience

I am SUPER excited to attend my first Taste of Reston event. Can’t you tell by my huge smile!


They have so many activities ranging from carnival rides, to live music, a fitness expo and my personal favorite, food sampling!


There is going to be sampling from all these (see below) restaurants, and you know what that means, an ultra hard workout early Saturday morning! Below I bolded some of my must haves for the event. Hope I can make it to all of them.

  • American Tap Room: Grilled Chilled Shrimp
  • Big Bowl: Spicy Noodles
  • Buffalo Wing Factory & Pub: Bites
  • Cookology: Cookies
  • Clyde’s of Reston: Strawberry Short Cake
  • Finnegan’s Sports Bar & Grill: Guinness Stew
  • Flippin Pizza: Pizza by the slice
  • Hyatt Regency Reston: “Buffalo” Potatoes
  • Il Fornaio: Eggplant Pasta
  • Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern: Jambalaya
  • M & S Grill: Chicken Skewers
  • Mamma Lucia of Reston: Meatball Sliders
  • McCormick & Schmick’s: Crabcake Sandwich
  • Melting Pot: Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  • Milwaukee Frozen Custard: Root Beer Float
  • Mon Ami Gabi & Community Canteen
  • Obi Sushi: California Roll
  • Paolo’s Ristorante: Steak Salad
  • Paradise Ice Cream: Funnel Cake
  • Pitango Gelato: Gelato
  • Pollo Peru: Chicken
  • Sweetgreen – Reston: Yogurt
  • The Counter – Reston: Taco Turkey Minis
  • Trader Joe’s: Pulled Beef & Chicken Sliders
  • UNO Chicago Grill: Watermelon Slices
  • Vie de France: Fruit Tarts
  • Vinifera Wine Bar & Bistro: Paella

I am making sure to have ready my handy dandy map so I don’t miss any of the scrumptious food tents that will be haunting me in my dreams!!!!

Hope to take lots of great pics so I can share with everyone !

Have a happy weekend!