Chicken Nuggets Deliciousness

Decided to bring back some childhood memories and make homemade chicken fingers and sweet potato fries (recipie from the fabulous SkinnyTaste) . All in all it came out fabulous, they were tasty, healthy and juicy!!!! I was so scared they would dry out, but they ended up being plump and juicy! YUMM!

What’s you favorite childhood food?

Lab Rat Meal Recap

Grilled Flank Steak (substituting with skirt steak) with Tomatoes, Red Onion and Balsamic-Skinny Taste

Skirt steak cooking music! Station: P.Y.T! Thanks Pandora!

Skirt Steak Ingredients
Now that’s some skirt steak!
Final product! Yummy and healthy!

Thanks Skinny Taste!

Chipotle Bean Burritos-Cooking Light Magazine

Chipotle Bean Burrito, half eaten: -/ I was hungry

Homemade Flat Bread Pizza

Bubba and I

Plato waiting for me to drop a piece on the floor

Enchilada Skinnytaste

Missed a photo opportunity here

Baked Ziti & Pumpkin Soup

Basil for garnish

SCORE!!!!! Cooked five out of the seven meals this week!


What will this week bring, not much. I’m preparing for a big move so my mind is more focused on packing boxes than cooking all week. Let’s see what the week brings.

Good Ol’ fashion Home Cooking

Moms Home Cooking

There is nothing like moms home cooking. I stopped by my moms house tonight to see how her day went and watch our usual celebrity news shows, Entertainment tonight and The Insider. We bond over celebrity gossip, LOL!

Before I was leaving I did my usual refrigerator raid and to my suprise I found one of my favorite mom dishes cauliflower, ground beef and carrots. It sounds so simple but it is one of the healthiest and filling dishes my mom makes. I find it so amazing how she can make any dish into a low fat dish. The magic of Moms.

Now I am eating my mommy dish, drinking some lemonade and waiting for my hubby to get home while I watch American Idol and see who gets cut tonight, why do they have to drag this out to a two hour show, not fun.

Dinner Last Night

Dinner last night at Emerald Coast

photo 1.JPG


The menu with toooo  many choices for my sanity

photo 2.JPG

Yummy Yummy Seaweed Salad

photo 3.JPG

Steamed veggies and shrimp with the sauce on the side, gotta keep it healthy

photo 4.JPG

Kept it healthy until I got home and had a bite of my moms cheesecake and flan…ugh… yet so GOOOOOOOD