Things about Virginia

Moving to Virginia from Miami was a big change for me, being that I lived in South Florida all my life. I miss South Florida’s corkiness, but in VA I have come to realize these people have their own corkiness, and it seems more noticeable for some reason!

Here is a list of things I noticed people in Virginia do:

Virginians like to run: Run Run Run, rain or shine, someone is always running with their bottle pack on their waist as though they are preparing for one of the million races that Virginia hosts.

Virginians Like Personalized license plates: What’s the deal, every other car in the street has a personalized plate. Im not sure if this is a VA thing or a US thing, because I never seen so many personalized plates in Miami.

Virginians like organic food and farmers markets: They love their farmers markets, there is one every weekend on every block. But don’t worry if they don’t make it on the weekend they make sure to stop at their local Whole foods or Trader Joes, Virginians love some good food!

Virginians like Prius: The worst one, ugh. They are like little roaches scattered everywhere! And the crazy thing is they love to speed!

Virginians like bike racks behind their cars: Not sure if they forget to take them down after a weekend of riding adventures , or they just think it is cool to leave on.


Virginians love their dogs: That’s a good thing


Those are just a few things I have noticed, but I have alot more to add, with time.

Thanks Virginia! Treat me kind!

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