Fitness Recap: May 8-May 14


* Go to the gym at least 5 times: FAILED (only made it out 4 times)
* Eat clean (eat out one night and no cheating during week (cheating is random eating and nibbling on sweets): FAILED
* Stretch out after each workout: CHECK!!
* P90x Yoga: FAILED
* Weights 3x this week & Nike Training 2x this week + cardio all five days: FAILED (I did do the Nike Training twice!)

I started off my week great! In the beginning of the week I was eating clean and working out hard, things were great! Then Wednesday came around and it went all down hill from there. I had the major munchies and ate everything in sight! Oh well, it’s a new week and there are new goals!

May 15-May 21 Goals
* Cook dinner five times this week
(I always make excuses not to cook, but I know how important it is, especially when you want to eat healthy)

Ingredients for the week

* Workout five times-Weights 3x Nike training 2x
(I made my workout plan for the week with Google Calendar, lets see if I follow it)

* P90x Yoga (fingers crossed)
* Stretch after each workout
* Track all seven days for Weight Watchers

To start my week off right, I cooked one of the five meals for the week, baked ziti (Weight Watchers style). I also prepared pumpkin soup, salad, and lamb (compliments of my mommy). The baked ziti recipe was from Skinny Taste, she is an awesome cook who tabulates all the Weight Watcher points for each recipe she posts. Even though she tabulates Weight Watcher points it is still a great site to get fun and healthy everyday recipes.

Lab Rat Cooking Music. Thank you Pandora!

Pumpkin Soup

Skinny Taste's Baked Ziti

All in all it was a great dinner, and I have plenty of left overs for tomorrow, which means no cooking tomorrow!

Planned Recipes of the Week
Baked Ziti-Skinny Taste
Grilled Flank Steak (substituting with skirt steak) with Tomatoes, Red Onion and Balsamic-Skinny Taste
Seared Lamb with Balsamic Sauce-Cooking Light Magazine
Chipotle Bean Burritos-Cooking Light Magazine