Journey to Virginia

Here are a few pics from my travels from Miami,FL to Reston, VA. It was an exhausting trip, but lots of fun. Enjoy!


Panted 15 out of the 17 hours up to VA

Heading into Savannah

Regards from Savannah GA

Historic Savannah

I fell in love with these trees, they looked so angelic

Me and the trees :-D

On our way to get some seafood, while being eaten alive by the bugs

Fresh baked biscuits with orange marmalade and butter

Jumbo shrimp with blueberry vanilla BBQ sauce

Scallions in a garlic butter sauce with crab meat risotta AMAZZZZZIIIINNNNGGGG!

Organic chicken with sweet potato fritters

Pecan cup with vanilla ice cream and mixed berries

Day 2: Plato making his last attempt to mark his territory in Savannah

Finally arrived in Reston, VA and made our way to the Tap Room

How cool is this, their menus light up

Jerk Chicken spring roles








2 thoughts on “Journey to Virginia

  1. we want moree!! we want moreee!!

    We have those trees in Nicaragua!! For Christmas, my uncles etc. would go and get the things from the trees ( i dont know what they’re called? vines?) and we’d use them for decorating the Nativity. Use them as “grass” and whatnot.

    Post more pictures! of where you’re living! and videos etc!

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