6am VIDEO post


What I needed to give me that extra push!

The routine

The routine went well and I hit it hard. I didn’t stop for more then 15 sec per set and I did super sets at that! Let’s see how my day goes!

2 thoughts on “6am VIDEO post

  1. Facebook…none


    I’m so proud of you!! You did it!! and thanks for having me as inspiration!! [which by the way...between you and me...it's only your perception...but thanks anyways]
    But not thinking…definitely works!
    Now…what if…instead of thinking…you become conscious of what you’re doing?
    Feel your body, your breathing…the space you’re in…the light…
    Don’t feel bad for eating the candies…it’s ok. If it happens…realize that you’re only human and enjoy it!…and then go back to your routine. There is no light without darkness. Keep going!!
    :) K.

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