Kate Middleton: A Blushing Bride with A Shrinking Waist


What can I say, it was absolutely magical. There was nothing bad I could say about Kate Middleton and Prince Williams royal wedding. It was a wedding that every girl dreams of when they are young, and realize they really can’t have until they are older, well at least not something so grand.

Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton both wore gowns with similar necklines and white lace sleeves.

Kate looked like British Barbie, with a tiny waist, wearing a Sarah Burton design that was very similar  to Princess Grace (Grace Kelley) of Monacos dress  in 1956 . Kate did not disappoint, she wore minimal jewelry, only wearing a  1936 Cartier halo tiara lent to her by Queen Elizabeth and a pair of earnings by Robinson Pelham. The earrings were made to match her tiara and were a gift from her parents, Carole and Michael Middleton.

Read more: http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/139712/20110429/kate-middleton-royal-wedding-wedding-dress-tiara-jewelry.htm#ixzz1Kwc3UA6J

I was a little concerned though when I saw a recent picture of her before the wedding. Kate was wearing a black wrap dress while shopping with some friends. She looked to0 skinny and seemed as though she was over stressed from the wedding. I was sad when I saw this picture. Back in November, when the engagement was announced, I thought Kate looked great. She  had meat on her body and had more of an athletic physique. Kate also looked more curvy and seemed to have more color in her face. The image in April shows her slimmer waist, with less boobs and skinnier legs. She even lost the cute cheeks she had during the engagement. Check out Rocky Road to find out more about her recent slim down.

All in all the wedding was grand, but I hope she puts back on those pounds, I miss her cheeks :-(

Do you prefer athletic Kate or frail Kate?

Jill Scott + Porn Star = Weight Loss

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to loose weight. Everyone has their own motivation in losing weight, for Jill Scott it’s to dress like a porn star!

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Whats your motivation?


The Challenge Begins!!!

So…. my co-worker (RandomAurora) and I have started ” The Challenge“. This little fitness challenge is to see who has the best overall fitness results over a 90 day period. Aurora will be following the concept of Body For Life, eating lots of protein and taking supplements plus weightlifting. I will be following a variety of concepts, mostly ones by Brad Schoenfeld and Weight Watchers, but NO protein shakes and NO protein bars, just the food God gave me on this earth! After the 90 days we will see who had the best overall results and a PRIZE will be won! We are not sure what the prize will be yet, but it will be a good one. We are posting stats and updates and hopefully our blog for the challenge will be up soon.

Below is the adorable video Aurora made for our Challenge


Below is a great tip from Bob Schonfeld about those women with square bodies.

Fit Tip
If you have a naturally blocky waist, avoid performing weighted abdominal movements for your obliques (i.e. weighted side bends, etc.). Doing so will build muscle in this area and can reduce a tapered appearance.

Thanks RASHA!!!!!