Saturday Fun in Reston Town Center

Recently, my husband and I  relocated to Reston, Virginia for his job. At the moment we are staying in temporary housing in Reston Town Center, which is like another mini city in Reston. The great thing about the Reston Town center is all the fun things you can do in such a small area.  This past Saturday we went to dinner at Clydes, while listening to a Jazz Funk infused concert, only inches away. We also stopped by Teavana and my husband an unexpected buy, he bought a glass tea kettle and glass tea infuser with three bags of tea, GRAND TOTAL $99, total impulse buy.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Fun in Reston Town Center

  1. Hi there. Came across your website today, and noticed that you’re temporarily housed in Reston Town Center. I am a real estate agent in Town Center, and would be happy to help you find something more permanent if you’re interested. Let me know!

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