Product of the Week: Crystal Light Drink Mix On The Go

Crystal Light has a product called Iced Tea Peach Lemonade On The Go and it is by far one of the best alternatives to Diet Coke. I have always used this product, but I really started to get into it when I was trying to get off of Diet Coke. Diet Coke is great but all the carbonation caused me to bloat  so I needed to find a better alternative. I stopped drinking Diet Coke for awhile, however I started to drink it again, due to a lack of self control. What gave me the idea to post about my new found love of Crystal light  was my co-workers neice. She came in for take your family to work day and I gave her a pack to try, she LOVED it. She is only 7 years old, but I thought this is a great alternative for kids to have and maybe I should try to ditch the Diet Coke again and go for the lemonade.

2 thoughts on “Product of the Week: Crystal Light Drink Mix On The Go

  1. I’ve been working on cutting out preservatives all together (it’s been a tough ride and I’m often unsuccessful) but…. when i must have a little fizz… my go-to drink would have to be fresh brewed iced green tea with a little bit of club soda. Refreshing and no calories!!

    • OMG thats a great idea! Preservatives are EVERYWHERE! It is very hard to take out. I just recently started cutting out Splenda, I would put it in my coffee, my oatmeal and I got it in other places like Diet Coke and even the lemonade had it, so I had to cut down or take it out completely. I stopped drinking coffee and I started putting more fruit in my oatmeal which helped alot.

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