Oh dear! This is how I can express my day today, “Oh dear”. The day was going smoothly, life was good, I finished my work for the day, BUT then an attack came. A candy attack!  I was getting really stressed about one of my MBA classes today so I went straight to the candy! I had about 10 pieces of candy and I felt horrible. I was sad that i fell to the temptation and I felt bad because I had a tummy ache. When I cheat I CHEAT! Then when I got to school I had 2 cups of rice 2 pieces of bread and a carrot cake. I didnt stop, I just kept going. My mind stopped and I just continued to eat. What’s a girl to do?!  BUT I know tomorrow is a new day and I get to start over again. That is what’s great about life, every day is a new day and you just have to pick yourself back up. You never want to ruin all that you work hard for, for one bad day. It is easier said then done but you have to continuously talk to yourself and self motivate. How do you make up for a bad day?

Fitness is BACK and Tired of Mother $%*#ing Nature


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So I have had a two week hiatus from fitness nutrition :-/ It is AMAZING how events in ones life can completely drain and demotivate you. How a period can throw you completely off course, well at least in my case. Last week was more of a personal problem that deterred me from the gym this week it was HER that evil women, mother nature, who I oh so love and hate at the same time. She makes me cry, get angry, eat guava pastries, and just sleep. She did this to  me, and I did it to myself, I know but she is still an evil women.

Now I have to get myself back on track somehow and kill it!!!!!! How… I have come to a point where I feel I have lost all the progress I’ve made in the past few months. I have to STOP feeling sorry  for myself and just freaking do it.

 Now for the Power Song of the Day. It is not really a Powersong it is very intense and eery but it is more of a song I am feeling right now.