The Makeup Change Up

Product of The Week: Clarins

A couple weekends ago I embarked off to Macys to find some new make-up products. I was in search for a foundation and powder that would replace my 3 year obsession with Bare Escentual Minerals. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Bare minerals, but I was getting bored. I felt that it made my face flaky, but I later realized it was because I was not using moisturizer (duh!). Any who, I got new makeup from Clarins, a highly recommended brand from my mommy, and was so happy with the outcome!

Products purchased:
Baume Beaute Eclair (Gives you that glowing look)
Instant Sun Light Bronzing Powder
Skin Illusion Foundation
Poudre Stop Brilliance Shine Stopper
Truly Matte Hydra Matte Lotion (Moisturizer)
Gel Contour Gel (puffiness and dark circles)



These are horrible close up pictures of me, however the make-up got the job done. My face looks more even and softer. It is great because the foundation is so close to my natural skin color I don’t feel like Im wearing make up! What do you think?

I decided to stick with my Bare minerals for daily use and anytime I was going out somewhere nice or had a special occasion I would slap on the Clarins!

PS: I still love you Bare Minerals!


What make-up can’t you live without?

Lady Gaga Lover

This is just one more reason why I adore Lady Gaga. In a recent article from Bazaar magazine Gaga was quoted saying

“I have never had plastic surgery, and there are many pop singers who have. I think that promoting insecurity in the form of plastic surgery is infinitely more harmful than an artistic expression related to body modification.”
Read more: Lady Gaga Interview – Quotes from Lady Gaga – Harper’s BAZAAR

This is something that I indirectly feel about women who have plastic surgery, but I never said out loud. Aging is a part of life and we have to love ourselves at every age. Every wrinkle tells a story and embodies who we are. Yes, there are alot of women who get surgery to overcome insecurities, however ultimately they need to overcome it mentally and spiritually. They need to love themselves first and understand we were given these bodies for a reason, that we are individually crafted to look different and have imperfections. I think when you truly love yourself for who you are then you can entertain the idea fo surgery. Many women have surgery without really knowing who they are and loving themselves first. A lot of times women are so competitive and threatened by other women that they try to out-do each other. If you’re going to have surgery do it for the RIGHT reason and not to look better than your next-door neighbor. Sometimes I do not understand why everyone wants to look the same. Why everyone wants the same nose, the same round perky boobs, the same cheeks, why can’t we appreciate the flaws? Who’s to say that one day I will have plastic surgery, but the first thing I will do is find the reason why  I want to do it and make sure it is not for superficial reasons.

Lady Gaga continues talking in the article about fame, fashion and the reasons behind her latest facial accessories,  the horns.

PS. So sad I missed her concert last night at the AA Arena :-( Im sure it was Gagalicious!

<3 Nowel