LabRat Challenge: The Pushup

I HATE PUSHUPS!!! But oh how I would love to be good at them. I like to think I am pretty fit, but every time I do a pushup I lose all hope. If you look below you will see how horrible I am at  pushups! Please excuse the beginning where my head is cut off.

I decided to push myself to do more pushups when I was reading a YumYucky post the other day. YumYucky said how she gets bummed out when people say they can’t do pushups, and I realized I need to stop making excuses and just DO THEM!

The first step I took was downloading an app from iTunes called Hundred Pushups . It is a 6 week program that helps you complete 100 consecutive pushups, that is suicide. Below are a few screenshots of that app.

I will track my progress and make sure to give nothing but my best! I thought I would say that since it sounds good and inspiring, but really, I am going to KILL it!

Wish me luck!!!

Who wants to do the challenge with me?!

6 thoughts on “LabRat Challenge: The Pushup

  1. No head in the video? I guess those pushups made your head pop off. BUT! I don’t agree with that “fail” thingy. Booo! How is 5 pushups a fail? That’s called doing it!! ;)

  2. Yay for 5 push ups! Lol u r so silly. I miss that giddy personality!

    Can i suggest that u try push ups while on ur knees? Those r just as effective especially since u only need to work your upper body.

    • Haha thanks! I <3 being silly! I could do girl pushups, BUT I want to go all out and push my self with the normal ones!

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