Smoothie Mayhem



Nectar Sweets Whey Protein
8 oz water
handful of strawberries
tablespoon of blueberries
1/2c 3/4c ice

Protein is a great supplement to incorporate into your post-workout drink, that many forget to do. Consuming protein after exercise will help repair muscles used during exercise and assist in providing a more lean physique.

This is just one way to make an AWESOME smoothie. There are so many ways to make a yummy smoothie that it is impossible to ever get bored.

What are some of your favorite smoothie recipes?

One thought on “Smoothie Mayhem

  1. ohhh I want that blender! It’s so cool looking! and it doesn’t spill. When you added the fruits I was like wait for it.. wait for it… it’s gonna go all over the place! hahahaha it didn’t happen! :O

    About the smoothies, I like the strawberry bananas one. Just fat free milk, strawberries, Bananas, Truvia sweetener and I guess whey protein would be a good addition to the mix!

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