The New Job Fashion Overview

Since I was relocating to Virginia I had to find a new job right away. After actively searching  while in Virginia, a week later I received two offers in one day, SCORE!!! I was so happy to receive two offers and I just wanted to make sure I was making the right decision.

Fast forward to today, and I am going on day two of my new job. I’m sure I made the right decision and I can’t wait for all the new things I am going to learn while I am there. Below are some pics of my work outfits for the first couple of days.

Day 1 Outfit

Day 2 Outfit

Let’s see what the rest of the week will bring us

One thought on “The New Job Fashion Overview

  1. Love it!!! Hope you like your new job Nowelita.
    You won’t believe it…but I started the Insanity workout. It’s too strong for my heart but I’m doing with the heart rate, so I don’t get too crazy and I’ll do my best. But I’m super excited because I can already see some results, I fell my muscles, and I’m gaining strength and resistance.
    Good luck!!
    Miss ya…

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