LabRat Music: Emeli Sande

Loving her right now: Emeli Sande

New! Lab Rat Music

Love, Love LOVE the new Duran Duran video, Girl Panic, it has everything I LOVE rolled into one, Fashion, Music and Fun! The best part of the videos are the super models, these are the original super models that I grew up with and that you don’t see anymore!!! See Video below

Duran Duran Girl Panic Poster

Fit (well not exactly) Fabulous & Famous: Adele


I know everyone may be wondering why I chose Adele to be my Fit, Fabulous &  Famous celebrity of the week. I was shown this picture from a friend at work and once I read Adele’s statement I died. I knew I had to post it right away. I had a problem though, I knew why I wanted to post the picture, but I couldn’t find the words to explain why, then my co-worker said she is not physically fit BUT emotionally fit.

Ok, I know you’re scratching your head trying to understand what I mean when I say Adele is emotionally fit. Well your answer is in her words. ” I don’t want to be on Playboy or Vogue. I want to be on the cover of Rolling Stone or Q”…”I am a singer”….I’d rather weigh a ton and make an amazing album”. Adele is a very wise 23 year old. She is comfortable with the way she looks and and has a confidence that people wish for. She knows she is successful because she is a great singer who loves what she does, not because she is a size 2. Adele does not care about what the industry defines a pop singer to be, she identifies with herself and her fans, no one else.

So Adele, you are EMOTIONALLY FIT, FABULOUS & FAMOUS. Just keep being you and continue to make AMAZING music.

Power Song/Lab Rat Music

I have not been posting my Power Songs for the past few months so I decided to post a few to get  rolling on my weekly power song posts I alos decided to change my Power Songs title to Lab Rat Music. Lab Rat Music are songs that make me move, feel and get motivated, whether it is to workout, put a smile on my face or write a blog post. Songs range from alternative, indie, hip hop, dance and pop. I’m a big mess when in comes to music and I listen to EVERYTHING!